Occupational Therapy for children

Paediatric Occupational Therapy helps children to develop skills in the areas of self care, play and preschool/school.

Some activities we can help children with include:

  • Self-care activities – dressing, eating and toileting
  • Motor skills – coordinating their movements, as well as using their hands to draw, write and cut with scissors
  • Play skills – turn-taking, pretend-play, playing with others
  • Processing sensory information – helping children to manage strong sensory preferences to sounds, smells, touch or movement
  • Preschool/School – building concentration, organising themselves and their belongings

What to expect at an appointment

A member of the team will meet with you and your child to assess your child’s needs and work together to set goals. We may invite your child to a group or see your child individually. Sometimes we visit the pre-school or school that your child attends. We let you know about other supports, such as playgroups.

Some of the groups we run include:

  • Developing fine and gross motor skills
  • Getting ready for school
  • Self regulation
  • Social skills

We also offer a Children’s Walking Clinic for late crawlers or walkers or children having running difficulties.

We will give you lots of ideas to help you to continue to work towards achieving your child’s goals at home.

Who can use this service

Children aged 0-8 years with mild to moderate delays in their development.

Children who are eligible for Early Childhood Early Intervention services and/or the National Disability Insurance Scheme are not eligible for this service.


Referrals are welcome from parents, carers, health professionals and other community service providers. Contact Referral & Intake on 9450 2000.


Fees may apply, depending on your family’s income level. Paediatric services are free for low-income families or low income families who have a Health Care Card. Contact 9450 2000 to speak to a Referral & Intake worker.

Helpful Links

Guide to finding a private Occupational Therapist

Raising Children website – for parenting information and advice.

Royal Children’s Hospital Kids health information sheets – for motor development ideas.

The Inspired Treehouse website – for creative ideas to help build your child’s skills.

Adult Occupational Therapy

For information on Occupational Therapy service for Adults (both younger adults, some of who may be NDIS participants and older adults), please visit Adult Occupational Therapy.

Helpful Videos

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