Speech Pathology

We help children with mild to moderate difficulties in speech, language, play, socialising, learning and stuttering.

Speech Pathology children's group session

Our speech pathology services are provided to children who are up to six years old and have not started school.

Speech Pathology services are not available to children who are linked with, or waiting for Early Childhood Intervention services, or for children with an National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Plan.

Children are referred to our services to:

  • learn how to say their words clearly
  • improve their ability to use words and sentences
  • learn to play and socialise with other children, friends and family instead of playing alone
  • learn to talk and listen instead of using behaviours like tantrums, screaming or pushing others
  • improve their understanding of how to follow directions and conversations
  • reduce stuttering
  • correct a nasal, loud or hoarse voice

What to expect when you visit

We will assess your child’s communication skills through tests, activities and observations. We will then provide you with information about your child’s therapy needs and the services available to you, which may include individual or group therapy sessions.


Fees may apply, depending on your family’s income level. Paediatric services are free for low-income families or low income families who have a Health Care Card. For more information contact 9450 2000 to speak to a Referral & Intake worker.

Helpful Links

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Banyule Community Health Facebook Page – follow us for more information and updates on activities we run.

Helpful Videos

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