Cathy's story

Providing carer support for families

Cathy, a carer support worker at Banyule Community Health, knows that the stress of caring for a family member can take both a physical and mental toll. When she met Eva, she recognised Eva just needed someone to listen to her concerns and to guide her in prioritising her own health and wellbeing.

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Rita's story

Continuity of care

The quality of support provided at the end of life can have a great impact on the experience of the individual and carers. We helped support Rita, her husband, Jim, and their family as they navigated the complex situation of living with cancer.

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Abdullahi's story

Refugee support

For Abdullahi, the Somali Men’s Social Support Group has provided him with a place to come together with other refugee men in his local community to chat, eat, pray and enjoy social activities.

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