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June 24, 2019 · Our Stories

Continuity of care

Born in Spain, Rita and her husband, Jim, moved to Australia when their first child was a baby. Their second child was born in Australia. When the children were young…

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June 23, 2019 · Our Stories

Refugee support

I came to Australia as a refugee in 1999. I was one of the first people who joined the Somali Men’s Social Support Group when it started in 2004. Since…

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June 22, 2019 · Our Stories

Caring for the carers

Until I met Cathy, I had no idea that there were carer support workers who could help me. I care for my husband who has a chronic respiratory condition and…

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March 21, 2019 · News

Making a world of difference

And we didn’t have to look very far to see how varied the volunteering experience can be when we looked internally at our Legal Service team. Although we have typical,…

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