Occupational Therapy

We help individuals take part in everyday activities.

Adult Occupational Therapy

The primary goal of Occupational Therapy is to enable people to participate in activities of everyday life including:

  • personal:   e.g. bathing, showering, eating
  • domestic:   e.g. cleaning, cooking, laundry
  • social / leisure:   e.g. attending groups, catching up with friends
  • community:   e.g. accessing shops, pharmacies, hospitals

Occupational Therapists achieve this by working with people to improve their ability to perform their everyday activities, or by modifying the activity or environment to better support safe participation.
The Adult Occupational Therapy service at Banyule Community Health works with both younger adults (some of who may be NDIS participants) and older adults.

What to expect at an appointment

An Occupational Therapist will come to your home to complete a holistic assessment. They will gather information about your health conditions and your environments to understand how these affect your ability to complete everyday activities in your home and local community. They will work with you to develop individual goals related to those activities you identify as being important to you.

To help you achieve your goals, the Occupational Therapist may suggest equipment to use, home modifications, or provide education on different ways of doing things to increase safety and independence. With your consent, they may also refer you to other support services as needed.
Referrals to our service are prioritised according to level of need; therefore some people may have to wait longer than others for the service.
To enquire about this service, please contact Referral & Intake on 9450 2000.


This service is subsidised for people with greater health, economic and social needs.

    • Low income: $12.00
    • Medium Income: $20.00
    • Full fee paying: $130.00/hour

To find out how much you may have to pay, please contact Referral & Intake on 9450 2000.

This service is also available as part of your NDIS Plan.

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Occupational Therapy for Children

For information on Occupational Therapy services for children (0 – 8 years), which provides assessment and therapy services to develop skills in the areas of self care, play and preschool/school, visit  Paediatric Occupational Therapy.

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