Children’s Walking Clinic

The walking clinic provides a one-off assessment for children who are presenting with concerns around their crawling, walking or running.

A child is referred to the Walking Clinic when there is:

  • Late achievement of developmental milestones such as crawling, walking and/or running
  • Frequent trips and/or falls
  • Unusual crawling or walking patterns eg knock knees, pigeon toe
  • Complains of having less endurance (tires easily) or is slower than peers
  • Pain such as sore heels.

What to expect at the clinic:

– A one-off small group assessment with a multi-disciplinary team, consisting of a podiatrist, physiotherapist and a occupational therapist (with parent present).
– An opportunity for you to gain a better understanding of your child’s crawling, walking or running.

Who can use this service:

Children aged 0 to 15 years of age.

Children with a disability who are receiving Early Intervention Services or have National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) packages, may not be eligible for paediatric services at Banyule Community Health.

Following assessment and depending on the child’s needs, families will be provided with recommendations.

When:   Monthly on a Wednesday afternoon

Where:   Banyule Community Health, West Heidelberg site


Fees may apply, depending on your family’s income level. Paediatric services are free for low-income families or low income families who have a Health Care Card. Click here for more information or contact us on 9450 2000.