Children’s Walking Clinic

The walking clinic provides a one-off assessment for children who are presenting with concerns around their crawling, walking or running.

A child is referred to the Walking Clinic when there is:

  • Late achievement of developmental milestones, such as being a late crawler or walker, or having difficulties running
  • Frequent trips and/or falls
  • Unusual crawling or walking patterns eg knock knees, pigeon toe
  • Complains of having less endurance (tires easily) or is slower than peers
  • Pain such as sore heels.

What to expect at the clinic:

– A one-off, small group assessment by a multi-disciplinary team consisting of a podiatrist, physiotherapist and a occupational therapist (with parent/carer present), followed by recommendations
– An opportunity to gain a better understanding of your child’s crawling, walking or running.

Who can use this service:

Children aged 0 to 15 years of age.

Children who are eligible for Early Children Early Intervention Services or have a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) package, are not eligible for this service.

When:   Monthly – on the last Friday of the month

Where:   Banyule Community Health, West Heidelberg site


Fees may apply, depending on your family’s income level. Paediatric services are free for low-income families or low income families who have a Health Care Card. Contact Referral & Intake on 9450 2000 for further information.

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