We are a Child Safe Organisation

MCHN Sharleen and children

Our Commitment to Child Safety

Banyule Community Health believes that all children should have the right to feel safe and be safe all of the time.

Banyule Community Health acknowledges the important role we can play in leading child safety at all levels within our community. We acknowledge that physical, sexual, emotional, religious, cultural and racial abuse and neglect does sometimes happen and we are committed to taking responsibility to prevent and protect children.

Banyule Community Health recognises that children are vulnerable, has implemented a range of strategies to ensure they are safe, listened to and have access to trusted adults. Child safety strategies can include a range of preventative and protective measures that have application across the entire organisation.

Children in our community are made up of diverse groups with many unique experiences. We understand that the journeys of children can be challenging and will work to ensure culture is respected and safety always comes first.

Cultural identity and safety is fundamental to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children. Banyule Community Health will work with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community to ensure children feel safe and respected within the local environment and create opportunities for children to be heard and supported within their culture.
Our program aims to create a safe environment, safe experiences and safe relationships focussing around our community, families and children with Banyule Community Health.

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