Supporting independent living

June 26, 2019 · Our Stories

I like working with Adam. He’s quite a character, a proud Scotsman who grew up in Glasgow playing soccer with his six brothers. I think his overall passion for life is what drives him to want to stay living in his own home.

I first met Adam earlier this year when the hospital referred him to the Health Independence Program.

At 82 years old, Adam has Type 2 Diabetes, arthritis in his neck and shoulders, poor mobility and has started having regular falls. The falls have put him in hospital three times this year.

As a Complex Care Manager, I work with Adam and service providers so that he can manage his health and social situation and stay in his home for as long as possible.

When you have been independent all your life, it can be hard to realise that you may need extra help. Adam is slowly finding out what works for him.

I coordinate Adam’s health and social care by being the link between him and all the health professionals he sees. The health system is complex and I make sure Adam receives what he needs smoothly. For example, when Adam is in hospital I advocated for the services he needed to go home safely.

These services were only short-term. After his third admission for a fall, I worked with hospital staff to secure ongoing personal care services.

After explaining the new aged care system to Adam and giving him lots of information over time, he recently agreed to be assessed for a Home Care package. He was approved for ongoing services. I talk with Adam’s podiatrist and diabetes educator and make sure he follows up with his doctor when he gets test results or letters. I talk with all the health professionals involved and make sure he gets the best possible care when new needs arise. This means working with hospital staff as well as services in the community.