Independent living at home

June 27, 2019 · Our Stories

I was seeing a physiotherapist before I saw Amanda, my complex care manager but I stopped because I thought I didn’t need to go anymore. Maybe I was too quick to stop going.

Each time I have been in hospital for a fall, Amanda has made sure that I have some physiotherapy appointments when I leave. I know it will help me stay on my feet.

A while ago now, Amanda started talking to me about having ongoing physiotherapy and some personal care at home. Again, I wasn’t too keen to begin with, but then I had another fall and was in hospital again.

This time I started asking about the My Aged Care referral and Home Care package that Amanda had mentioned before. I had been worried that I would have to start over with a new care coordinator, but once Amanda told me that she could continue as my Care Coordinator, until I was comfortable with the new one, I felt OK about it.

I trust Amanda.

It’s not that I don’t trust the other health workers but there seems to be so many of them that I can’t keep track. Amanda knows who I need to see and makes sure that I can get there. We went through my bills the other day to check when they were due because I was worried the electricity or gas would be cut-off.

I love that she has taken an interest in my model car collection and I’ve shown Amanda my mother’s doll collection that I kept.

If it wasn’t for Amanda I wouldn’t be in such ‘good nick’ and be able to stay living in my own house.