LGBTIQA+ Inclusion

We welcome lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, aromantic, asexual, non-binary, as well as gender and sexually-diverse communities.

We recognise that LGBTIQA+ people face significant discrimination, including barriers to accessing health care services and employment, and are committed to removing these barriers and working towards equity. We strive for LGBTIQA+ health equity and our aim is that all LGBTIQA+ staff, volunteers and clients have a safe, inclusive and affirmative experience of Banyule Community Health every time.

LGBTIQA+ safe environments

Banyule Community Health is dedicated to creating safe and respectful environments, for people accessing our services and for our staff. We value collaboration and feedback from all LGBTIQA+ clients and staff so we can continue to improve our delivery of safe and responsive services and workplaces.

We work to ensure our physical environments are visually welcoming, and regularly audit spaces to review accessibility, safety and inclusion.

Rainbow Tick Quality Standards and Accreditation

Rainbow Tick is a national quality framework that helps organisations show that they are safe, inclusive, affirming services and employers for the LGBTIQA+ community. Banyule Community Health is currently working towards Rainbow Tick accreditation and will be assessed against the Rainbow Tick quality standards in April 2024.

Staff Training

All our staff, volunteers and Board members are trained in LGBTIQA+ inclusion. This training is to ensure staff are aware of the issues faced by LGBTIQA+ people when accessing health services, and to enable the development of awareness and skills to create safe and affirming experiences for LGBTIQA+ people.

Consumer Participation

We want to hear from you. Banyule Community Health supports our consumers and community members to be involved in shaping our services. We welcome feedback from consumers and staff to enhance the experience of receiving quality services in a safe and welcoming environment. You can provide feedback in a number of ways.

Inclusion in the workplace

Our inclusive workplace culture enables staff to bring their whole selves to work, where uniqueness is valued, and people experience a feeling of belonging. We are proud that we were recognised as an Inclusive Employer by the Diversity Council of Australia in 2022: Banyule Community Health Recognised as an Inclusive Employer (2022-23) – Banyule Community Health (

Banyule Community Health seeks to support, promote and enable our staff to participate fully in the workplace. We value flexibility and have reasonable adjustments guidelines to ensure everyone has access to the necessary accommodations to thrive in their roles.

Banyule Community Health conducts two independent surveys with our workforce on a bi-ennial basis: the Employee Engagement Survey and an Inclusive Employer Index to help us better understand the people who work at Banyule Community Health, and how we can continue to improve, including:

  • initiatives that improve retention, attraction, engagement, safety and wellbeing development
  • advocacy priorities
  • improving systems and processes to be more effective and inclusive.

Banyule Community Health has a dedicated group of LGBTIQA+ identifying staff and Allies whom we call Rainbow Shapers and Shakers who discuss systems and experiences to enhance inclusion, as well as organising our involvement in community events such as Midsumma and the Whittlesea Pride festivals. At Banyule Community Health, we commemorate and celebrate LGBTIQA+ dates of significance, such as Pride Month and IDAHOBIT Day.

Learn more about our workplace culture on the dedicated Work with us – Banyule Community Health ( page.


We support the rights of transgender, gender and sexually-diverse, non-binary, and intersex people to use the toilets they feel most comfortable with.



Banyule Community Health understand the importance of inclusive language. We are advocating at State and Federal levels to ensure inclusive language is used on all our databases

Partnerships and Networks

We are active members of the following networks to enhance inclusion of all our services:

  • Banyule Council LGBTIQA+ Steering Committee
  • Alphabet Soup, social support group for people from the LGBTIQA+ community
  • Pride in the North Collaborative
  • Whittlesea Pride Festival Organising Committee
  • Rainbow Tick Network
  • Rainbow Health Australia

Helpful resources

Banyule Community Health have developed a range of resources to support members of the LGBTIQA+ community to access the services they need in a safe, respectful and supportive manner

These resources include:

Banyule Community Health Progress Pride Flag raising event August 2023:

Midsumma Pride March 2023:

IDAHOBIT poster 2022: