Gender Equity at Banyule Community Health

At Banyule Community Health we believe strongly in, and are committed to, Gender Equity.

• We developed our Diversity and Inclusion Plan in consultation with staff and community in 2021.
• We are proactive in preventing and addressing violence against women.
• We recognise the stigma and discrimination faced by people with sexual and gender diversity and are committed to safety and wellbeing of all workforce and community members from the LGBTIQA+ communities. We are actively preparing for assessment against the Rainbow Tick standards.
• We have been leaders in community events to champion women’s rights such as Reclaim the Night, 16 Days of Activism, International Women’s Day, Week Without Violence for many years.
• We are a partner in The Building a Respectful Community Partnership.
• We provide services, social supports and art group who’ve experienced domestic violence
• 82% of our workforce are female
• We have flexible working arrangements available to all our workforce, which is taken up by the majority of staff in different ways, to meet their work-life balance
• We pay our staff in accordance with Award conditions, based on qualifications, skills and experience
• The Women of West Heidelberg are a very active group of local women who meet regularly to socialise and take part in a range of fun and creative activities. They regularly unite on community focused fundraising projects. Recently, their ‘Knit a Row Before You Go‘ project involved community members knitting a scarf together, which when sold, raised funds which were donated back to the community. Now, the Women of West Heidelberg are working on an art project to help people feel welcome when they come to our West Heidelberg centre.
• Our playgroups take a focus on gender equity during Book Week
• We are part of the Workplace Gender Equity Agency (WGEA) reporting framework. We have shared our Employer Profile Report with our Board, our Workforce, clients and our community on our website every year of the operation of the WGEA. Please access our current reports below:

If you would like to provide feedback on this information or have a question, please email or alternatively you can contact the Workplace Gender Equality Agency at

Reclaim the Night poster – click on image to view/read full poster.


Banyule Community Health Workforce

• We are big supporters of and enable access to flexible work for all employees, including women, to increase participation in the workforce.
• Women are not underrepresented in our organisation and occupy roles at all levels of the organisation – 82% of our workforce are female.
• We actively address barriers to the full and equal participation of women in the workforce, we provide flexible work options that encourage women to apply to work at Banyule Community Health. ie part time work, flexible hours of work, hybrid work options to name a few.

Banyule Community Health are proud to be recognised by the Diversity Council of Australia as an Inclusive Employer

We have been recognised as an Inclusive Employer 2022-2023. We are proud to share with you our Summary Banyule Community Health Diversity and Inclusion Report 2022 so that you can see the results for yourself!

Feeling included in the workplace is great for our sense of wellbeing and great for our sense of purpose and contribution to our work. Well done to our Banyule Community Health team! Together as Individuals, Teams, and Leaders, our staff all contribute to an inclusive climate.

“Banyule Community Health values the richness and experience that comes with a diverse workforce. We are so proud to be recognised as an Inclusive Employer by the Diversity Council Australia.” – Mick Geary, CEO