Suada – Student Nurse, COVID testing team

September 14, 2021 · News

Suada is a passionate frontline worker helping to keep her community safe.

Before the pandemic, Suada was working in a menswear store and studying a nursing degree. As COVID-19 spread around the world, Suada felt she had a responsibility as a future nurse to help those around her. She said goodbye to retail and looked towards community health.

Banyule Community Health gave Suada the opportunity to help her community in the fight against COVID-19, and now she works alongside our diverse team to deliver high quality testing services.

“Working at the COVID-19 testing site, and with BCH has been a rewarding experience. It has given me the chance to expand my clinical skills and nurture my desire to help people.”

“My most memorable moment working at the testing site was of the day we hit 50,000 tests. It was a strange feeling knowing that what was initially meant to be a pop-up testing site for a few months, ended up going on for almost a full year.”

Suada says that “despite the circumstances, knowing that I did my part during a global pandemic is truly the most memorable part.”

Just like Suada, there are hundreds of community members, staff, and volunteers helping to make Banyule Community Health a place of support during the pandemic. We can all contribute in some way, whether it’s helping a neighbour with their garden or booking your family member a vaccination appointment. We’re still here for you in lockdown, so please keep your appointments or call us on 9450 2000 if you need social, financial or material support, medical attention, or would like to get a Covid-19 vaccine.

Thank you to Suada and our BCH testing team.