Neil Cameron

December 22, 2021 · News

If you’re searching for a Ride 2 Work ambassador, look no further than Neil Cameron.

Neil has been a General Practitioner at Banyule Community Health for two decades.

Two decades ago, Neil was doing locum work all around Melbourne (that’s when you fill in for someone else, like a substitute doctor) and one of these roles happened to be at Banyule Community Health. He was only meant to be here for a two-week posting, which soon became 2 months, and then eventually became 20 years! Neil fell in love with Banyule Community Health after discovering the team-orientated nature, and realising that we “did things a bit differently” – in his words.

Neil wasn’t always going to become a doctor, but after some pleasantly surprising marks in year 12 he figured he would at least give the medical sciences a go. He began the journey to becoming a GP in the mid-1990s, studying medicine at Monash University, and gained a lot of his early career experience at the Box Hill Hospital, and during his rural placements. After 2 years in the hospital system after university, Neil took two years off to travel & work around Australia and the UK, doing some work in Carnarvon (WA), England & Wales.

Neil is living proof that exercise is great for maintaining mental health, and he loves the benefits of riding for wellbeing – especially in the warmer months.

“Even a short ride’s a great ride, I couldn’t recommend it any higher.”

Neil says there’s so many reasons to jump on the bike – whether it’s environmental concerns, getting some time in nature, or to fit some exercise in.
Melbourne is a brilliant city to ride in, and Neil can attest to this. We have so many wonderful bike paths that are available to everyone, and the best part is: they’re completely free!
You don’t need the best gear to get started, just make sure you wear a quality helmet.

Every day, thousands of Australians take to the streets and ride their bikes to work, school, or just for fun! Riding a bike is one of the easiest and most time-efficient ways to get to work. By swapping the car, train, or bus for a bike, you can get your daily exercise without having to spend extra time or money at the gym. You’ll save money on petrol, parking & car maintenance, and lose some of those COVID kilos too.

Neil says it best:

“Why drive when you can ride?”