Merger Exploration – Banyule Community Health and Merri Health

October 11, 2023 · News

Banyule Community Health and Merri Health are highly respected, community driven organisations with similar histories, shared values, and great people. From this basis of strength, the respective Boards of Banyule Community Health and Merri Health have approved the exploration of a merger between our two organisations.  

If the exploration phase is successful, a merger of our organisations will enable us to improve services to our communities, and to develop and grow to meet current and future needs.   

We are excited as we commence this process. Together, as strong organisations we will be able to bring to fruition a vision for the combined entity to provide improved service offerings for clients and our communities, be better prepared for our evolving care sector and increase opportunities for staff.  Banyule Community Health and Merri Health come together at a time of strength and stability, to look towards the future with this shared vision. 

There are a few steps to take in the process and we are currently undertaking appropriate due diligence across both organisations and developing an action plan to guide the process. Subject to a number of approval processes, a formal merger could come into effect in the next Financial Year.  

The intention of the merger is to: 

  • build and grow a combined entity that will strengthen and increase access to services and programs in our communities. This will not impact on our existing services.  
  • build on our strong history and culture to grow and evolve in the best interests of our communities and clients.  
  • develop a new “name/brand” that represents our past and our vision for the future.  We will involve you and the broader community in helping us develop this new brand. 
  • strengthen opportunities and certainty to existing staff. 

Importantly, we want to ensure your feedback is heard and any questions answered promptly.  You can send any questions to or click here to refer to “Frequently Asked Questions”. We are eager to discuss our shared vision with you and will keep you informed as soon as possible.  

We truly believe that the exploration of a merger is a positive step for both organisations and we look forward to building an improved service for our communities. 

Yours truly, 


Michael Smith & Mick Geary         Benjamin Maxfield & Tassia Michaleas
Chair & CEO                                         Chair & CEO
Banyule Community Health          Merri Health

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