“I wouldn’t be where I am without your calls.”

May 20, 2020 · News, Our Stories

Elizabeth, Peer Connection Volunteer.

Every Friday afternoon, Peer Connection volunteer Elizabeth, helps people struggling with their gambling.

Elizabeth, along with 7 other amazing and dedicated Peer Connection volunteers, spends time reaching out to others who either want to stop gambling or who want to cut down on their gambling.

“I would recommend volunteering to others. It’s terrific. I thoroughly enjoy coming into Banyule Community Health every Friday – the thrill it gives me when some of the clients I call say ‘Oh I was so looking forward to your call’ or ‘It was so great the advice you gave me’ or ‘You’re the only one I can talk to about this. I can’t talk to family members or friends, nobody understands’. Hearing comments like this really gives me a lift. I feel good and I know that I’m helping others and they know they have support.”

Elizabeth has now been a volunteer at Banyule Community Health for around 6 years, reaching out to others, listening, talking and supporting them.

Banyule Community Health Peer Connection volunteers make an extraordinary difference to the lives of others.