Refugee support

June 23, 2019 · Our Stories

I came to Australia as a refugee in 1999.

I was one of the first people who joined the Somali Men’s Social Support Group when it started in 2004. Since then I have never missed a day, except for the month of Ramadan.

Before the group I was sitting at home all day, not doing anything because of limited English and I did not understand the local culture.

Through the group, I have established relationships with men like me, and who speak the same language. I have also taken part in many activities that I would not have done otherwise, such as physiotherapy, bowling, walking, halal BBQs and visiting historical sites in Victoria.

Now I am over 75 years old and have health issues, so I am very grateful that the group has transport or else I would have missed out on all the activities. I love the bowling sessions the most. I try and win most of the time because it improves my self-esteem.

I also enjoy the prayer session in the afternoon and the beautiful lunch – Halal Somali food.