Community engagement and outreach

We work to inform and educate the community, to reduce the risk and impact of problem gambling.

Community engagement

Our health promotion workers deliver education and health promotion activities to increase community knowledge and awareness of the harm caused from gambling.

They work to minimise the harm of gambling for vulnerable groups and communities.

They support local community members by:

  • raising awareness of the types of harm people can experience from gambling
  • promoting responsible gambling
  • promoting the range of services available through Gamblers Help or available resources.
  • supporting people to address the underlying causes of problem gambling
  • reducing stigma and barriers to seeking help

For referrals and information contact 1300 133 445 or email


School Education Program

Gambler’s Help Northern’s School Education Program is a free educational program offered to local high schools for students, teachers, and parents. The sessions draw on the latest research and aim to raise awareness of gambling harm and to increase knowledge of support services available.

We run 3 education sessions for high school students as part of the Be Ahead of the Game School Education Program

  • Know the Score – This session provides an introduction to gambling, advertising, the convergence of gaming to gambling and the normalistion of sports betting
  • When Gaming Meets Gambling – This session looks more closely into the blurring lines between playing games and gambling. The students will explore the gambling elements in the games they or their peers are playing and learn about what is happening in their brains to potentially keep them playing for longer.
  • Your Money Matters – This session explores the fundamentals of financial literacy including budgeting, credit cards and loans, and how to make money wise decisions.

To read more about each session please click here

Sessions for students, teachers or parents are available face to face or online and can be run by Gambler’s Help Northern in Banyule, Darebin, Nillumbik, Whittlesea, Hume and Melton.

For more information about the program please contact Gambler’s Help Northern at

Venue support

We support the ongoing development of responsible gambling practices and environments within the gaming industry.

We support and assist venues in fulfilling their responsibilities to:

  • identify and respond to patrons displaying signs of problem gambling
  • raise awareness among venue staff and encourage referrals to Gambler’s Help services, self-exclusion programs and other community support services
  • meet the requirements of their Responsible Gambling Codes of Conduct
  • create and maintain responsible gambling environments
  • complete the module two component of the Responsible Service of Gambling (RSG)

The Venue Support program also offers standardised training on a variety of topics including gambler’s help service overview, self-exclusion, your play, drug affected patrons, EGM operations, gambling and mental health, identifying the signs/observable signs, responding to the signs, responsible gambling documentation and self-care.

To find out more about Venue Support, call 1300 133 445 or contact Stuart Barton on or Gareth Hanlon on

Gamblers Help North and North West is also available at Dallas, Epping, Melton and Northcote as well as Banyule Community Health’s centres at West Heidelberg and Greensborough.

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