Smiles 4 Miles

This program supports preschool aged children between the ages of 0 to 5 and can be accessed by early childhood services; family day care centres; kindergartens or families.

Smiles 4 Miles aims to improve the oral health of children and families.

We work with parents and the preschool community to:

Drink Well – Drink tap water. Limit sugar sweetened drinks and choose plain milk over flavoured.

Eat Well – Eat a variety of nutritious foods each day and limit sugary foods, particularly between meals.

Clean Well – Brush teeth twice daily with a fluoride toothpaste, have teeth checked by a health professional by the age of 2 – don’t wait for a problem!

This service can improve the oral health of children and families, by:

  • Linking you with your local community dental clinic
  • Providing support and guidance to make healthy choices
  • Help children to develop lifelong healthy habits

Do you work in the early childhood sector and want to get involved?

Contact us today to join the program developed from the latest evidence for improving children’s oral health.

You will:

  • Have access to educators training
  • Receive support and advice from Dental Health Services Victoria
  • Implement a program that provides the opportunity to empower both families and children to improve their oral health
  • Be eligible for an Early Childhood Services Smiles 4 Miles award which demonstrates their commitment to improving children’s health in the community

This program is an initiative of Dental Health Services Victoria and is delivered in partnership with Banyule Community Health.

Image: Herald Sun

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Contact us on 9450 2000 to get involved with our Smiles 4 Miles program.