Peter Ogden, Banyule Community Health Board Director, retires after 32 years of community service

July 6, 2022 · News

Peter and Wendy Ogden settled into the West Heidelberg community in the early 1970’s to raise their family. Both Wendy and Peter became key community members in the building of a local community that was bereft of services at the time.

Wendy became a significant contributor to local clubs, the Olympic Village Primary School, and the West Heidelberg Community Health Centre. Still today, Wendy leads the ‘Women of West Heidelberg’, connecting local women and addressing local issues.

Peter set up a small business locally and also became a contributor to his local community in whatever form was required. In 1990, Peter became a Board Director of West Heidelberg Community Health Centre, which later became Banyule Community Health. Peter and his colleagues helped guide Banyule Community Health through change and opportunity, always ensuring the values of the local community were entrenched in the organisation. Peter was a passionate advocate for the community and having responsive services in place that met local needs. Peter’s tenacity for fairness, combined with his business and strategic acumen, ensured the Board was always well governed. After more than 32 years as a Board Director, Peter has retired. His contribution as a volunteer and Director is unmatched.

“Peter brought an acute sense of fairness and inclusion to the Board. His mantra was always community first. We are indebted to his contribution and his commitment to our local community.”  Mick Geary, Banyule Community Health CEO.

In honour of Peter and Wendy Ogden’s incredible contribution to Banyule Community Health and the West Heidelberg community, Banyule Community Health will award an annual scholarship in their name to the Olympic Village Primary School to support a local student. After decades of service to our community Peter will enjoy doing the crossword and suffer endless frustration watching the Bombers.

Thanks Peter.