Fay – Referral and Intake

April 11, 2022 · News

If you’ve ever given us a call, you might have spoken with Fay!

Fay works in the ‘engine room’ of Banyule Community Health, where she organises all the new community members coming to our service. Fay and her team approach every person with open ears, and listen carefully to their needs so that they can help direct them to the right services.

The engine room is a well-oiled machine, and Fay helps to keep things running smoothly by ensuring that you can access all the services we provide. The Intake Team must be perceptive and listen carefully to the stories of our community members to help them as best they can.

Fay is Melbourne born and bred, and has worked in community health for a very impressive 40 years! After discovering an opportunity with Banyule Community Health, Fay hasn’t looked back, and celebrated 16 years with us in January 2022.

“Coming to work has always been a pleasure for me. I’ve always seen myself as a caregiver, and I’ve always wanted to work with people. Working in referral and intake has given me the opportunity to connect with people on a deeper level.”

Fay needs to gain the trust of community members over the phone and build a rapport with them using her communication and compassion.

“I have a way of being able to extract information just through a simple conversation. No formal education can teach you how to connect and talk with people.”
“It’s all about giving vulnerable people the opportunity to a service that can assist their life whether it be physical or mental health support.”

Fay says that simply asking: “are you okay?” can make all the difference and gives people a chance to admit that they’re struggling.

In her spare time Fay enjoys catching up with her family and caring for her elderly parents, which just goes to show that passionate and caring people like Fay never take a day off!

The Referral and Intake Team shares the highs and lows of their work, they’ve laughed and cried together, and they practice the same honesty amongst themselves that they offer to the community.

You’ll recognise Fay by her warm smile and friendly demeanour, so don’t be a stranger if you see her around!