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YF 3081 Current Projects

Young and Deadly

A deadly day of sport, music, performance, culture, food, yarning and creativity for Aboriginal children and young people, to have their say, be listened to and make change.

Girls Group

After school group for girls in Grades 5, 6 and 7 to connect, have fun and talk about important stuff.

YF Parkville Current Projects

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Speech Pathology children's group session

YF Parkville: Women’s Business

Parkville College Students at Parkville Youth Justice Precinct, worked with Aboriginal business women to learn about jewellery making and running their own business.

YF Parkville: Cultural Cooking

Parkville College Students at Malmsbury Youth Justice Precinct, worked with Maori and Aboriginal chefs to learn about traditional food and cooking techniques and brought the campuses together for a big feast.

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