Our approach

Our youth development approach helps young people build skills they need in life.

Youth Foundation 3081 uses an evidenced based positive youth development approach through which young people can build key skills or ‘assets’ which will help them throughout their life.

‘Assets’ include:

  • self awareness
  • self esteem
  • self efficacy
  • social competency
  • co-operation
  • communication
  • empathy
  • positive values

If you think about it, without these assets, it’s very hard to hold down a job, manage a family or be a positive contributor to community.

Youth Foundation 3081 empowers young people to identify and develop opportunities through which positive change for both themselves and their community can happen. Key to this is the provision of regular and varied: positive experiences, positive relationships + positive environments, which we recognise as vital for the development of healthy, happy adults.

Youth Foundation 3081 values and supports young people’s voice, their ideas, their wisdom, their stories, their passions and their creativity, recognizing that when we empower young people to share and realise their ideas, change can be made.

3081 is a proud community which experiences high disadvantage. Parkville College is a specialist Victorian Government School that provides education to students who are, or have been, detained in custody.

 “Keep fighting as hard as you can. Your voices are so important. Your stories have truly changed hearts and minds.” Tommy Murray, 21, who attended Sandy Hook Elementary School during 2012