Access to Health Records

Access to Health Records 

Victorians have a new law to protect the privacy of health information.
This law is the Health Records Act 2001. The Health Records Act 2001 (Victoria) (the HRA Act) does two important things:
• it establishes standards called Health Privacy Principles (HPPs) for the collection, handling, and disposal of health information in the public and private sectors;
• it creates a new right of access for Victorians to health information about them, held in the private sector.

The HRA Act gives individuals a right of access to their personal health information held by any organisation in the private sector in Victoria, in accordance with Health Privacy Principle 6 (HPP6). HPP6 obliges health service providers and other organisations who hold health information about a person to give them access to their health information on request, subject to certain exceptions and the payment of fees (if any).

Making a Request for Access

An individual is required to make a request in writing. In the request, the individual needs to:
• state their name and address
• identify sufficiently the health information they are seeking access to
• specify the form they want the access in

More Information

Banyule Community Health has prepared a Health Records Fact Sheet which is available to download below, as well as an Access to Health Records Application Form, also available below. You will need to complete this form to access your health information.

Health Records Fact Sheet

Access to Health Records Application Form

If you have any questions about accessing your health records, please contact:

Executive Assistant
21 Alamein Road, West Heidelberg
tel: 03 9450 2000

Health Services Commissioner

We also make available publications from the Office of the Health Services Commissioner, to further advise you of your rights regarding your health information.

Health Privacy - It's My Business

Health Privacy - Right of Access to Health Records

Health Privacy - Problem with a Health Service or Concerns About Your Health Privacy


You can contact the Office of the Health Services Commissioner at:

Office of the Health Services Commissioner
Level 30, 570 Bourke Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

phone: 1800 136 066 (toll free)
fax: 03 8601 5219
tty: 1300 550 275