Speech Pathology

Speech Pathology Services are available for children aged birth to school entry.

The services available include:

  • Assessment and consultation
  • Individual treatment
  • Group treatment
  • Information for parents, carers and community service providers (e.g. pre-school teachers)

Does your child have a communication difficulty? Seek advice from a speech pathologist if your child is:

  • Having difficulties following directions at age 2 or older.
  • Not using single words by 18 months of age.
  • Not putting two words together by age 2 years.
  • Hard to understand by age 3.
  • Dysfluent (stuttering).
  • Using a nasal, loud or hoarse voice.

Or if you have concerns about your child’s communication skills and would like to discuss them

Eligibility for Service

  • 0-6(or school entry) years of age
  • with communication difficulties only (i.e. no other delays in other developmental areas)
  • not attending school
  • not receiving other speech pathology services.

Children with difficulties in more than one area of their development are able to attend a more appropriate service to meet their needs.

Referrals are welcome from parents, carers, health professionals and other community service providers.

If required, interpreters are provided free of charge, but bookings are necessary.

Paediatric services for children under 18 years of age whose caregivers/family’s income falls in the low and medium income groups are exempt from fees.

Families with one child with a before-tax income of more than $95,000 (plus $5,000 for each extra dependent child) are charged a fee of $80.00 per session.

There may be a nominal fee for group sessions to cover the cost of resources.

To enquire about this service, please contact BCH Service Access on 9450 2000.