The Koolin Balit Children’s Clinic

A Culturally Safe, Comprehensive Health Assessment Service for Aboriginal Children in Out of Home Care in the Northern Suburbs  

Referral Process:

  1. Referrals can be made by case managers, parents, kinship or foster carers directly to Medical Reception on 9450 2000, Monday-Friday between 9am-5pm
  2. The GP conducts a general health check within 7 days of referral
  3. The multi-disciplinary team completes a comprehensive assessment and develops a Health Management Plan
  4. The Health Management Plan is implemented by the child’s case manager/guardian

What is required at the appointment?

  • A Medicare card or Medicare number
  • A Pathway to Good Health Diary (optional) and the child’s health history
  • Evidence of consent by the parent or authorised delegate OR a copy of the protection order showing a court ordered condition for medical assessment  

Service Location:

Banyule Community Health, 21 Alamein Road, West Heidleberg.

About the Service:

Taskforce 1000 in north and west metro Melbourne identified a need to increase the capacity of the system to respond to the needs of Aboriginal children in Out of Home Care.  As a result, the Koolin Balit Children’s Clinic was established to provide additional health services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children up to 12 years of age who reside in Out of Home Care.   

The Clinic aims to identify health issues at the earliest opportunity by providing coordinated and continuing care. The service includes a general health check by a GP followed by a comprehensive assessment with a multi-disciplinary team (MDT). The clinic is coordinated by a Registered Nurse, supported by an Aboriginal Health Worker and consists of a paediatrician, family and child psychologist and speech pathologist.      

The MDT provides a comprehensive assessment in the areas of physical health, growth, speech and language development and psychological well-being. After the assessment, a Health Management Plan is developed with recommendations for follow up treatment.    

Who is eligible?  

Aboriginal children living in Out of Home Care (Kinship/Foster and Residential) up to 12 years of age in the Northern metro area.


There is no cost for this service

Download The Koolin Balit Children’s Clinic service brochure