Banyule Community Health Complex Care Managers aim to help people access services they need to stay safe, independent and healthy as possible.  Care Managers support people to achieve this in close consultation with you, your family and your health professionals. The amount of involvement by the Care Manager is based on your needs and your ability to manage those needs.  The Care Manager will be involved for as long as it takes to improve your health management.

Cost Involved
No fee is required for Care Coordination but clients may be asked to contribute towards the cost of external services.

The Care Manager role can:

  •  Help you find services that may help you in your home.
  •  Help to make sure that everyone involved in your care knows your wants / needs.
  •  Provide support to you and your carer or family in managing your health.
  •  Support you and your carer navigate the health system.
  •  Help divert you from hospitals to home based care options.

Referrals to the program come primarily from Austin Health. Some referrals from GP and community partners are possible.